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Website integration

Sell seats online!
Integrate tomCRM with your website and add a registration form for participants to directly register and pay for training online. Participant information will be automatically populated in tomCRM.

Using the training page, you can:

  •  Launch the online participant registration and payment forms 
  •  Display course description, trainer list and files to download 
  •  Display location map  
Share participant registration form
Use the Event page to share the registration form for participants (customers) and allow them to pay online for the booked seats (tickets). You don’t need an account in payment systems.

  • Customize the registration form to your event
  • Customers (participants) can pay immediately
  • Various payment forma are accepted credit cards, online payments, traditional deposits
  • Registered participants will be automatically added to the participant event list
  • You control the number of seats sold
  • Define price list for seats (tickets)