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Cost & Budget Management

Plan training or project costs
Zarzadzanie kosztami szkolenia
With the Finance module, set the budget and register incurred expenses by the nature and type of training or training project. Analyze the any training expenses using the Search and Filter functions.

tomCRT makes your work easy: the costs assigned to the project are automatically allocated to training within this project.

Monitor training profitability

Register incurred costs
You can define the types and costs.  With this approach, you will get a clear division of the posted costs.

You can divide the costs into the budget or planned costs and the actual or incurred costs. With this division, you can analyze the incurred costs.

Koszty planowane i poniesione w szkoleniu - Zarządzanie finansami
Monitor training profitability
Rentowność szkolenia
Analyze the training or training project costs by using the Search and Filter functions.  Simplify your training profitability analysis by comparing costs and revenues.