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Frequently Asked Questions

You access tomCRM application through a web browser. You can use the program without having to install the client on your computer.
  • Easy to use application available through the browser
  • Ability to develop application to fit your needs
  • Ability to integrate with external systems
Yes, tomCRM allows to add additional functions and modules. You can also modify existing functions.
Yes, as part of tomCRM implementation, the application is fully aligned with the customer’s needs. It is possible to change the colors and arrangement of data and configure the application as needed (functions, modules, settings).
Read more on how to customize the application
The free DEMO version allows you to familiarize yourself with tomCRM functionality. You can enter any data and test module operations.
All data entered in the demo is visible to other testers and will be deleted after the test period (7 days).  Learn more about DEMO or request access.
The free tomCRM DEMO can be tested for 7 days, 24 hrs. All data entered in the demo will be visible to other testers and will be deleted after the test period (14 days).

Learn more about DEMO

Yes. Data security is the key issue for us.
For this reason, we apply the standards and mechanisms for data security:

  • Connection with the application via an encrypted connection
  • Password stored in an encrypted form
  • The application periodically forces password changes
  • We check the password strength
  • We backup data daily
tomCRM works correctly with the following recommended Internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
No. tomCRM is available only via the Internet browser.
Yes, if it meets IT requirements. If you are interested in implementing it, please contact us.
Yes, tomCRM can be integrated with a website built with any CMS system (e.g., WordPress or Drupal).

tomCRM allows integration with any software that allows the transfer of data.

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