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Training Management System

tomCRM as a training management application with the CRM functions comprehensively supports the training management. The application allows to manage trainings, participants, reservations, training documents as well as the sales and the clients.


CRM dla firm szkoleniowych

The optimization of the processes responsible for sales and client management in a training company

tomCRM has a module of supporting the sales and client management. Thanks to the functions of managing the tender, sales funnel and sales aims it allows for a proper organisation of work, gathering data and monitoring of the marketers work. The clients module allows to create client files and gather the most important informations such as: list of contacts, trainees, notes, submitted offers and tasks associated with the activity of the employee.

Monitoring the profitability of the training courses and training projects

Thanks to the financial module users can register the planned and incurred expenses with the description of the kind and the type of the cost for each training course separately or assign them to the training project (training group). Data collected in such a way allows to monitor the profitability of the course and makes it easy to assess the margin. This module allows to filter and generate the statements for further analysis of the data which will facilitate the decision-making.

Effective arranging of the training schedule

Thanks to the training schedule you can easily assess the coach and the amount of space in the hall. For each training project and course status you can set any colour to quickly distinguish all the positions in the schedule and the calendar. In the calendar you can use the method of „drag and drop” to easily change the dates of training.

Simple management of the participants lists and the reservations

The participant added to the course is simultaneously assigned to a client. In this way you can build a base of participants that you will use in the next assigning of the participant to a course. The selection from the list takes place very quickly, without re-entering the personal and contact data. As a result, the history of participants is created from the given client as a part of the training.

Simultaneous work of multiple users

For each user there is a possibility to customize the individual rights to their own or all informations gathered in the modules of tomCRM. It allows to define the access to data and give each users a role at will, for example. Traders, directors, a manager or a coach.